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Associate Degree Early Childhood Teacher Educators

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ACCESS has developed partnerships with organizations to help support, achieve and advance mutual goals and interests. Our partnerships connect our members to a wider network of early childhood community, resources and services.

Our partners include:

NAEYC Accreditation of Early Childhood Higher Education Programs

NAEYC's higher education accreditation system awards accreditation to associate, baccalaureate and initial master's early childhood education degree programs that demonstrate evidence of meeting the Professional Preparation Standards.  Accreditation provides a framework for self study, external evaluation and improvement in the quality of teacher preparation programs.  The accreditation system began in 2006.

ACCESS collaborates with NAEYC to promote accreditation as a measure of quality and share experiences with the accreditation self study and reaccreditation process among members to assist members in successfully managing the process.

Child Care Exchange 

Child Care Exchange is committed to supporting early childhood professionals worldwide in their efforts to craft early childhood environments where adults and children thrive – environments that foster friendship, curiosity, self-esteem, joy, and respect; where the talents of all are fully challenged and justly rewarded. For over 35 years, Exchange Press, Inc. has promoted the exchange of ideas among leaders in early childhood programs worldwide through Exchange magazine, books, and training resources.

ACCESS is partnering with Exchange Press to provide each ACCESS member with a one-year subscription to Exchange magazine. Each issue of this bi-monthly publication includes fascinating, useful articles that demonstrate a profound understanding of who children are, how they develop, and how strong theory translates into appropriate practice in the classroom and on the business side of early education.

In addition to the magazine, Exchange Press publishes a wide variety of books and resources for the academic community that have been used in early childhood professional preparation courses for over 35 years. These resources are authored by the leading authorities in the field of early care and education and are based upon a solid understanding of early childhood environments. For an overview of these resources, visit the “Faculty and Trainers” section of the website. For your convenience, all Exchange resources have been organized by typical core competencies in a downloadable PDF document.

Voices of Practitioners: Teacher Research in Early Childhood Education

Voices of Practitioners: Teacher Research in Early Childhood Education is NAEYC’s peer-reviewed, professional online journal. Its main purpose is to provide a vehicle for publishing the research of early childhood teachers, who are often underrepresented as authors in the educational research arena. This publication includes informative articles, resources, and tools to promote the participation of early childhood teachers in teacher research.  The For the Teacher Educator section offers practical information and stimulating discussions about teacher research issues for early childhood teacher educators who want to incorporate teacher research into their programs and support teacher research in early education communities.

ACCESS: Associate Degree Early Childhood Teacher Educators

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